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Article: 4 types of FYNE

4 types of FYNE

Black women continue to struggle in a world where they’re not respected and appreciated. Their beauty—inside and out—is, without a doubt, something to be celebrated.

Women come in all shapes, sizes, and shades and from various backgrounds and nationalities. Yet, Black women are often stereotyped and discriminated against, making it challenging to hold on to feelings of self-worth.

This article describes four types of “FYNE” that any Black woman can be. So, grab a latte and keep reading!


What does fierce mean to you? Fierce typically conjures up visions of tigers or fighters. Nowadays, the first thing that might come to mind is how Beyoncé tapped into her alter ego, Sasha Fierce. Whether or not you're a member of the Beyhive, you should know that she may be on to something. 

Several definitions exist for this action-filled, colorful adjective (think flame emoji). In terms of FYNE Black women, fierce means: 

  1. Aggressive temperament
  2. Unrestrained zeal   
  3. Furiously active or determined
  4. Wild or menacing appearance
  5. Bold confidence or style 

Being a fierce woman means all da tings—it’s a mood, an attitude, and a way of life. A fierce woman always focuses on being her best self and supporting others. She has self-love and self-respect, so she won’t hesitate to stand her ground no matter what. Frequently, women are labeled as angry when what they’re really expressing is fierceness (It’s all good, right?). 

This bold confidence can spill over into how you dress as well. Fashion writer Marlen Komar said, “When it comes to celebrity fashion, while the looks are fierce they're not always attainable.”

At BFyne, we make looking fierce super easy with our excitingly bold and sometimes wild clothing and swimwear. Get ready to feel beautiful and sexy but strong and fierce while wearing a piece from our collection, such as the fiery SAJAL top and the feline-inspired ZIAH dress. If you dare to bare, you’ll love the DIMA purple bikini set printed with ready-to-pounce tiger graphics in purple, blue, pink, and yellow.


The saying, “age is just a number,” is something everyone should hold true. You only get one life—save for those who believe in reincarnation or an afterlife—so living it to the fullest is the best approach. Of course, it’s easier done with a kid-at-heart mindset. 

Here’s what youthful means for a FYNE Black woman: 

  1. Characteristic of youth
  2. Possessing youth  
  3. Having the vitality or freshness of youth  

Nobody’s found the “fountain of youth,” but you have much control over how you age. If you think, speak, and act like a spring chicken, chances are you’re not going to feel old.

Of course, part of feeling young involves plenty of exercise, good nutrition, quality sleep, and other ways to care for your health and well-being. In addition, your appearance says a lot about how you see yourself and how others see you. There’s a fine line between looking like a grandmother and a silver fox; the choice is yours. 

BFyne helps Black women feel their best through fresh new fashions, typically in bold, vibrant colors. However, the ASIFA two-piece zig-zag design swimsuit is a much softer look. It’s the perfect addition if you’re looking for something that gives you a sense of youthful innocence. The DYLAN one-piece swimwear also features a simpler design, with a blue plant motif on a solid orange background. 


In recent years, the beauty trends include everything from Botox to BBLs. There’s nothing wrong with enhancing your look, but sometimes, it can take away from the natural beauty of Black women. What happened to feeling like a natural woman, as Aretha Franklin so proudly sang? 

There's a long list of definitions for natural, but the following entail being a FYNE Black woman: 

  1. A specified character by nature
  2. Higher qualities of human nature
  3. Easy simplicity and freedom from artificiality
  4. Form or appearance found in nature  

"Successful people are genuine and natural rather than synthetic and imitative,” according to Gilbert Seldes. It’s safe to say that what you project on the outside reflects what’s inside. And, people can often read right through that, so be yourself and get comfortable in your skin. Let your natural beauty shine through.  

Dressing to impress (yourself) is one way to ooze in confidence, and you can do that with BFyne. For example, the SIIYAH mid-length shirt dress is flattering for any body type with its plunging neckline, long balloon sleeves, and multi-colored snakeskin-like pattern. It all but demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T. 


America has become even more of a melting pot in many astounding ways. Unfortunately, even as minorities move toward being a majority, Black women still face inequality and underrepresentation. As double minorities, they’re often treated as outsiders not deserving of what should rightfully be theirs. 

For FYNE Black women, exotic can (positively) mean: 

  1. Introduced from another country
  2. Strikingly, excitingly, or mysteriously different or unusual
  3. Foreign or alien  

It goes without saying that “…exotic species [create] havoc when introduced into new environments.” Although this quote talks about plants and animals, Black women can shake things up with their exoticness. You can’t tell anyone they’re not striking, exciting, and mysterious like no other. 

Above all else, don’t let others leave you feeling anything less than FYNE. BFyne’s always got your back, so go ahead and be vulnerable with your exotic flair. Expose it with alluring cutouts like the UMA and the AYEZA one-piece swimsuits with sleeves. Dream of faraway exotic places with elaborately patterned swimwear such as the VRAI one-shoulder-style two-piece and the MEHDI one-piece. Treat yourself to solid-colored suits that wow with their intricate cuts of fabric like the mesh TAJA two-piece and the ruffled MAHE one-piece. 

Embrace Your FYNE 

Being a Black woman isn’t easy, but it’s time to step up. You can level up your A game by embracing any (or all) of the four types of FYNE. Be fierce, be youthful, be natural, and be exotic... be FYNE at everything you do, say, act, and wear. 

To let the world know how FYNE you are, whether at the pool, spa, or beach, why not slip on NUR? This one-piece black swimsuit features the BFYNE logo on the front in white, and it’s on sale, too—over half off the regular price. Grab one before it’s gone!

Be sure to check out the entire BFyne Collection of on-sale items, most at deep-discounted prices.  

P.S. Did you know that Queen B and many other FYNE Black women celebrities love BFyne?


When I found out about BFYNE it was a must to place an order. I got the Sarai and I love it. All the definitions are applicable to US as black women. Thanks for putting it in your fashion.

Gabrielle Otoo

This is my first time seeing your amazing work and amazing isn’t the right word. Your styles are a work of art. Every detail, color the flow all of it is beautiful and beautifully shown. I love it and I hope you never stop making us look and feel beautiful



Natasha Smith

Hi I can’t believe I’m about to write this, I want to be a Bfyne girl! Seeing these women make me feel confident. I will be turning 48 next week and I notice in modeling older women seem to be left out. We like swimsuits and lingerie too! I hadn’t worn a bathing suit in years ( no self confidence/nor self esteem left in me) until I came across your post on Instagram over a year ago and I became bold enough to order a few bathing suits. I love the colors, the quality, the feel of the material and the diverse style options. I love the sale prices too! Keep it up inspiring us black women because without companies like you, who would represent us, complement us, and appreciate us! Thank you!

Temiko Leslie

This is all so true and amazing. Thank you for continuing to empower us to BFyne daily! Love my collection of 6 and I rock them in every type of Fyne listed above!


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