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Article: 5 Summer Activities Worth Doing

5 Summer Activities Worth Doing

FYNE girl season is finally here! For months you've been looking forward to outdoor dining, sunny beaches, and breaking out your warm-weather clothes. Now that summer days are officially here and it's time to start planning, you may need a few fun ideas. The following are five fantastic summer activities to get you going on your best summer yet!

1. Attend an Outdoor Concert

Nothing says summer like an outdoor concert. Whether you're enjoying cool jazz or a sultry salsa band, listening to great music and dancing along to the beat is a fantastic way to enjoy a summer evening. While nearly every city and town across the United States have different types of outdoor concert venues, some spots are spectacular enough that you might want to consider a road trip. A few great options include the Gorge Amphitheatre along the Columbia River Valley in Washington and the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.
Make sure your outfit is as exciting as the music. BFyne features an incredible selection of beautiful dresses and pant sets so you can attend any type of concert in style. These solid color dresses make it easy to accessorize. You can dress them up or down with shoe and jewelry choices.

2. Visit the Zoo

The zoo is definitely a must-do during the summer, whether you have children or not. It's great for date night or a fun outing with your friends. Many zoos offer not only fantastic animals to see but fun rides, lots of food, and an incredible educational experience. There are lots of great zoos throughout the United States to choose from. The San Diego Zoo and the Cincinnati Zoo are two top zoos in the country you'll want to consider visiting.
You can look great and stay comfortable with a stylish outfit when visiting your favorite zoo. Remember, you'll be doing a lot of walking, so a pair of slip-on sneakers or even a pair of mule sneakers are good choices. Nuin top and pants in a colorful print are great choices for a day at the zoo. You'll stay cool and comfortable while looking chic and trendy.

3. Take a Bike Ride

Bike riding isn't just for kids! Cycling is something you can enjoy by yourself, with that special someone, or with a large group. Most cities have many bike trails near the downtown area, so you can take a break for lunch or a cool drink. You'll get a lot of exercise without even realizing it! If you want to rough it a bit, consider some country trails or mountain biking.
Instead of the usual tees and shorts, you might want to mix and match solid color swimwear for a bike ride along the beach or through the park. Choose from a gorgeous selection of tops and bottoms. You'll look beautiful and trendy while staying cool. When choosing an outfit, you'll want to avoid anything too billowy or loose so the material won't catch in the bike spokes!

4. Plan a Picnic

Picnics are as simple or elegant as you want to make them. You can pack sandwiches and sodas with friends and family or put together a cheese, cracker plate, and your favorite wine to get away with that special someone. You might even want to bring some candles if you want to enjoy the moonlight! There are lots of locations to choose from when selecting the perfect picnic place. You might want to try a local vineyard for your picnic or maybe along a river bank.
Don't just blend into the scenery; make sure you stand out by selecting the perfect outfit for your picnic. Long, flowing skirts and dresses are great for a romantic picnic. You can still look elegant even if you're wearing flat shoes. Try some tie-up sandals along with your flowing dress. Strappy, lace-up sandals are perfect for a casual or dressy summer picnic.

5. Get Away on a Mini-Vacation

Taking off for the weekend is just what you need to unwind and enjoy the summer. Plenty of options are likely only a two- or three-hour drive away. The mountains, the beach, or a city get-away are all options for a quick trip during the summer months. Summer is also an excellent time to visit family and old friends you haven't seen in ages. Having a friend show you around the great places only the locals know about is a good way to make the most of your mini-vacation.
While planning your get-away, you'll want to include chic swimsuits and gorgeous dresses to fit every type of occasion. The Desert Dream Collection by BFyne provides an incredible selection of swimsuits, dresses, and a variety of casual outfits for whatever is on the agenda. With bold colors and exquisite designs, you're the center of attention no matter what activities you choose to enjoy!
These are just a few fantastic summer activities you'll want to enjoy now that you can soak up some sunny, warm weather. No matter what type of plans you make, you can always look incredible with your BFyne wardrobe. You can find everything from exotic swimwear and drop-dead gorgeous dresses to colorful, showstopping pants. Shop now at BFyne and always look gorgeous by putting together your own unique style.

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