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Article: Bfyne | How To Style Bfyne Pants

Bfyne | How To Style Bfyne Pants

Do you have something in your closet that boosts your confidence and just brings you joy every time you wear it? We have just the thing for you, pants by Bfyne. Bfyne pants are a statement unto themselves. Nothing else shouts joy and confidence to black women. It’s the fierce feeling in your heart communicating to the outside saying, I feel strong; I feel beautiful and I can take anything on!

High-waisted pants like ours are an essential element for your closet. They present a silhouette that is elegant and polished and figure-flattering. Form-fitting at the top; loose and flowing at the bottom. True, strut-your-stuff pants. They say that you are not taking a back seat to anyone or anything! Remember, your clothes are a statement of how you see yourself. Be bold and let yourself shine!

So maybe you are not sure how to wear a pair of pants that make such a statement. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. We have six tips on how to wear these gorgeous, flowing statement pants.

Style them with:

  1. Crop or bikini top. Nothing lets these flattering pants shine better than a crop or bikini top. Show that sexy bit of ebony skin with a form-fitting crop top. These edgy but oh, so casually cute half shirts just work with these flowing pants. Not only does it show off your sexy curves to their best advantage, but there is a tremendous variety of them to pick from. Try a sugar-sweet sweetheart neckline with spaghetti straps or a super sexy one-shoulder number that will stop traffic! With or without sleeves, or even a boxy shape crop will help you set this look ablaze. Never forget the bikini top that will look stunning paired with a kaftan.
  2. Kaftan. Add to the dreamy flow of these pants with a kaftan. We do offer Kaftans in matching patterns. Nothing commands more attention and screams sexy more than a kaftan added to our pants. Think of yourself strutting along with this attention-grabbing kaftan billowing behind you. Our kaftan is a light, floor-length, sinuous, elegant pullover that matches your pants beautifully.
  3. Scarf. Our culture is rich with the use of headscarves. There is no need to wait for a bad hair day, every day is a gorgeous head day! Even if you don’t feel like wrapping a scarf around your head, you can make an elegant statement by adding it around your neck or waist. You could even drape it around your shoulders for a fun and snappy look. Tie a small one around your wrist and let it dangle a bit for some serious style!
  4. High heels. These pants only deserve the best, so some elegant, high-heeled sandals would be the perfect accent. Stilettos are the perfect, classic high heel to lengthen your gorgeous legs and give you the height to add to your confidence. If high heels aren’t your thing, you can try a shorter kitten heel that pairs well with our pants while still giving you that “I’m a sexy-beast” style of confidence. Another type of heel is a slingback which elongates your foot, just covering the toes, which will show a peek at the top of your very alluring foot!
  5. Layered or statement jewelry. Our pants are a statement all on their own, so you need to balance out the “wow” factor on the bottom with some serious pizazz up top. Draw some attention to your fabulous face and neckline with some layered necklaces or a statement necklace or statement earrings. Be bold! Try mixing metals. There’s no reason to stick with all one color of the metal like all gold or rose gold jewelry. Think pendant necklaces that contrast with the chain they are attached to. Another thing you can do is go the statement necklace or earring route. Accessorizing with statement jewelry and chunky necklaces draws attention to your face and helps balance the powerful statement our pants make.
  6. Face Jewelry. A new trend is being explored by many fashion icons and catwalk shows. But what’s even more trendy is you can explore styles of facial jewelry that don’t require any adventurous piercings. Some of these designs are fitted to your face by their shape or adhesive if choosing an exuberant, bejeweled design. Look at facial jewelry as an extension of your fancy eye makeup. It’s more fanciful and can boost the self-esteem of any wearer. Paired with our pants, you will turn heads. You will not go unnoticed.

The secrets to wearing our stunning high-waisted pants are to choose the right top and shoes and create an edgy, confident, woman-about-town look that will have all heads turning. This chic and casual look guarantees you will be noticed at the party, the beach, or about town.

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