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Article: Bfyne Says Cheers to National Drink Wine Day

Bfyne Says Cheers to National Drink Wine Day

February the 18th is National Drink Wine Day, and at Bfyne, we think that is a cause for celebration. This holiday is the perfect excuse to open a bottle of something special and enjoy it by the pool while looking your very best. Of course, you will need to be over 21 to make the most of this particular diary date.

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There is something exquisitely delightful about lounging poolside with a glass of something exhilarating and we know that all you fine ladies out there have got good game when it comes to dressing for the occasion. But now, we want to step things up a little and make some pairing recommendations, the best Bfyne pieces with the best wines to suit your unique personality. Mix up your wardrobe for this wine-drinking holiday or introduce some new statement pieces ready for your next vacation.

Bold, Strong and Likes To Make a Statement

A woman with a striking personality needs clothes to match. The Liya kaftan has a statement palette that will turn heads and the no-stretch fabric means it will keep its composure under all conditions, just like you. This is an incredible piece of resort wear. And to accompany a woman who makes a huge impression on every room she enters, we just love to match this with a bold glass of Syrah.


This elegant red grape makes powerful wines that dizzy the senses. As you pour, your glass explodes with flavors of blackcurrant, red cherry and volatile aromas of black pepper and exotic spice. This is not a wine for the faint-hearted; it is robust to drink and offers a beautifully rounded body with soft, voluptuous tannins.


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Intelligent, Considered and Loves Luxury

Sometimes, people think of intelligent women as quieter and more introverted. At Bfyne, we know that this isn't the case, but we also know that the thinking woman loves their swimwear to have a high level of attention to detail along with a flattering and comfortable fit. Because of that, the more measured consumer will love the combination of our Tahlia Swimsuit. The top features a front panel with on-trend grommet front hardware. This eye-catching detail gives a satisfyingly intricate touch to the piece.


To go with this beautiful and complex outfit, that will draw the eye when you are poolside, we think that an opulent and well-formed Viognier will be a stunning choice. Viognier is a grape varietal that is best known for making one of the finest white wines in the world, in Condrieu, France. Now, American winegrowers have embraced its layered flavors and velvety texture too. Think soft white peach flavors, with fragrant honeysuckle and fruity tangerine. This is the wine that keeps on giving, just like our Neriah pieces.


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Playful, Carefree and Full of Fun

If you are always the life and soul of the party, then you need an outfit—and a wine—to match. The Ashir swimsuit is our choice for the woman in charge of her leisure, the leader when it comes to having a good time and sweeping everyone else along with her. This vibrant piece makes use of a showstopping asymmetrical design to give it a unique finish, while the paneled rows of color cannot help but draw the eye to the most important person in the room—you!


There is only one wine that is suitable for a lady of these enviable dimensions. It just has to be an effervescent glass of French Champagne. Know the world over as the drink at the heart of any celebration, this light bubble-laden and golden liquid capture everyone's attention from the moment the cork is popped.


Champagne has hidden depths just like our party animals. We know you are complex creatures and like you, Champagne would be nothing without a razor's edge of acidity. Maybe it is your sharp wit that adds the same frisson of excitement to that candy exterior that your friends all know and love? Perhaps it is your resilience and emotional strength that help to get others through even when the party is over. Either way, we just know that you will love taking a dip wearing the glamorous Ashir piece. And who wouldn't adore coming up for a delicate sip of the bubbles after a picture-perfect dive?


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Whatever your sense of style, we believe that there is a piece of Bfyne swimwear that will help to reflect your uniqueness and thanks to National Drink Wine Day, we are now confident that there is a glass of something delicious that will be perfect to toast you too. The fun part is that you can change your swimwear as often as you change your mood, and you can always have a special bottle tucked away in the refrigerator to raise a toast with.



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