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Close your eyes.


Now exhale.

And be still.

Tell me, where do you go when you want to be free – when you want to escape the reality of having to care so much?

How does it feel? 

How do you feel? 

What are the parts of yourself you’ve left behind and what has reawakened?

Come with me, drop your lids, and dream.

Where do your thoughts take you?

Do not silence them.

With this collection, you can finally live out loud.

Visualize the carefree life you desire, the playful palette that paints this utopia, the beauty you are meant to experience – and abide there.


I go to a place with cool breezes.

Warm sand.

A hot sun that bronzes my skin to the perfect shade of chocolate.

I prance and dance around in the most outstanding garments.

The ones that accentuate every part of my body – even and especially the parts I was told to hide.

This is where I can be whom I want to be.

People ask if I’m a celebrity and I answer “yes, yes I am.”

Because the beauty that surrounds me is so breathtaking and so serene.

I must be elite to have this privilege.

Here, I welcome the stares and the wonderings.

I enjoy standing out.

Here, I am the main attraction.

Where risk, freedom, and beauty collide to create a monumental moment.

And this is where I’m taking you with my new collection.

To a place you are permitted to dance on the outskirts of extraordinary.

Let’s tackle this adventure with vibrant style.

I’m living my dream out loud in this utopia I’ve built - my favorite part is sharing it with you.

Bold colors…

vibrant hues.

gorgeous colors that compliment your melanin(or can just say “skin”)…

patterns and prints that will make them steady their gaze and catch their breath…

thoughtful construction that beckons you to walk in your God-given majesty…

sheens that awaken with the sunlight and put a gentle sway in your spirit.

These designs call out the dreamer in you and add to the might of your stride.

Colorful, fun, and risky silhouettes. Confidence. Happiness. Romance. It’s all here.

Every piece imagined first in my heart, then meticulously modified to become a masterpiece…

for you.

This is my newest collection, Desert Dream